Conservation Easements 101 - A Farmer’s Guide

August 4, 2022
Get a crash course on the basics of conservation easements. An easement is a great tool for farmers to get cash to preserve their land for future generations or to receive tax benefits for their conservation efforts.

A Farmer’s Guide to How FSA Loans Work

August 2, 2022
The USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) lends billions of dollars to farmers each year to enlarge or improve their family farms for future generations. Is an FSA loan right for you? Learn how to apply.

7 Application Tips for EQIP: Funding for Farm Conservation

July 28, 2022
EQIP grants an average of $30,000 to producers to try out conservation practices on the farm or ranch. Read these FarmRaise tips so you can be a competitive applicant for the EQIP cost-share program.

How to Get a Farm Loan with No Down Payment

July 27, 2022
First time farmers often ask “how can I get a farm ownership loan if I can’t afford the downpayment?” There’s a federal loan program out there that doesn’t require a down payment. See how to get help applying for FSA microloans.

Start a Farm With Government Grant Money

July 18, 2022
Learn how to qualify for farm financing, navigate grants for farmers and secure the support you need to be successful in getting your farm going.

Farming for Beginners: Securing Money to Start a Farm

July 12, 2022
If you’re a first-time farmer looking to start a farm business, iIt’s not easy to find private or USDA grants and loans to support a new farming endeavor. Even still, you can jumpstart your farming career with these finance and experience tips.

Best Accounting Software for Farmers - Quickbooks Review

July 11, 2022
Not all accounting software are alike. We weigh the pros of cons so you can decide if Quickbooks is right for your farm bookkeeping needs.

Farm Finances: Farming in an Economic Downturn

June 30, 2022
When times get tough, farmers and ranchers come together to help each other out. Here's insight from a fellow farmer about ways to financially take care of your operation when the economy is slumping.

What Is a Farm Number? Why Is It So Important for USDA Funding?

June 29, 2022
An FSA farm number identifies your farm’s location and allows you to apply for USDA funding like grants, cost shares and loans. We explain what a farm number is and why it's important for every farmer.

Historically Underserved Producers: Is There Funding  for Women, Minority and Veteran Farmers?

May 25, 2022
The USDA often talks about special programs available to “historically underserved” farmers and ranchers. So, who is historically underserved and what could it mean for your operation if you fit in the characteristics?

How to Get More USDA Grants to Small Farms

May 17, 2022
Why do most farmers who apply for USDA cost-share not get funded? After processing hundreds of EQIP applications, we've learned why it's so hard for small farmers to access USDA farm grants.

Top Federal Grants for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

May 4, 2022
For new farmers and ranchers, three major USDA grants can offer you money to boost your operation. We lay out the details, pros, cons and how FarmRaise can help you apply.

Should I Apply for the USDA’s Partnership of Climate-Smart Commodities Program?

May 3, 2022
We looked into the USDA's new Climate-Smart Commodities program so you don't have to. It's a 2022 initiative to encourage non-UDSA entities to contribute in the fight against...

How Can I Get Funding for Solar Panels on My Farm?

March 1, 2022
Did you know that you can use USDA farm grants to fund solar power initiatives on your farm or ranch? Solar panels can increase your operation’s profitability. One government grant for solar panels on farms is called the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP).

Unpacking the Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG)

February 26, 2022
Many farmers message our team asking about the USDA’s Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG), a grant that awards funding for projects that “add value” to a farm operation. To answer your questions, we spoke with USDA Rural Development professionals and an expert grant writer to get their perspective on this opportunity.

When are EQIP Applications Due in 2022?

February 25, 2022
Find out when to submit your 2022 EQIP application

Introducing VAPG Assist: Apply for the $50K VAPG Grant

February 14, 2022
Announcing VAPG Assist — powered by real humans — to help you navigate the Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG) and submit a VAPG application with confidence and clarity.

Funding to Help US Meat Producers

January 4, 2022
Learn about some key funding programs available to help US meat producers

Grant Programs when Fertilizer Costs are High

November 9, 2021
In this post, we outline some measures farmers can take to help offset rising fertilizer prices

Intro to Carbon Markets: Carbon Markets 101

October 14, 2021
By putting a price on carbon, carbon markets can lead to earnings for farmers, while simultaneously providing a cost-efficient system to limit climate change. And, then it gets complicated! We’ve worked to identify who does what, which marketplace is right for your operation, and to answer questions farmers commonly ask.

SARE Grants for Your Farm

September 17, 2021
SARE is the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program. Serving farmers across the United States and outlying islands, SARE provides farm grants for research and education projects.

The World of Farm Grants: 3 Common Myths and Why They’re Wrong

September 9, 2021
Navigating farm grants can be time-consuming. Fortunately, our team at FarmRaise breaks it down in a way that’s easy to understand. We’ve helped thousands of farmers identify funding for their farms, learning a lot along the way. Here we explore 3 of the most common “myths” we hear farmers perpetuate about grant funding, and reveal the truth.

How to Maximize Your Tax Refund if You Got an EQIP Grant

July 31, 2021
Farmers who get Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) grants may be wondering about the tax implications for this funding. Our Farmer Success team dug into the details and found that EQIP recipients -especially those receiving large grants – may fail to adequately account for these grants on their tax returns and as a result, miss out on thousands of dollars in income tax savings.

Three Reasons Why Every Farmer Should Consider Cost-Share

June 9, 2021
Most farmers have heard of the Environmental Quality Incentives Program, or EQIP, for short. This is the USDA’s flagship cost-share program that pays for on-farm infrastructure upgrades and better farm management practices, including new fencing and water systems, cover crops, improved nutrient management, wildlife buffers, and precision irrigation.

What’s up with the CRP?

May 25, 2021
Are you a farmer working a portion of land that’s tough to farm? Maybe it’s on a steep hillside or it’s extra wet or it’s challenging to physically navigate. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself “I wonder if there’s a better way to manage this part of my land in a way that builds my farm’s profitability?” Enter the Conservation Reserve Program.

Is Regenerative Agriculture More Profitable?

April 30, 2021
Investing in soil health is good for the land, but do farmers get economic benefits, too? When my family transitioned our livestock operation to holistic grazing practices, we were surprised.

5 Considerations for On-Farm Energy Grants and Loans from USDA

April 20, 2021
Your farm produces the resources that fuel society, but how do you fuel your farm? Many farmers are interested in implementing energy efficiency or renewable energy projects on the farm. For these farmers, we recommend looking at the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). This opportunity provides USDA loans and grants to farmers and small rural business owners. The funds must be used to purchase, install, and construct renewable energy systems or energy efficiency improvements.

Are You Eligible for USDA Farm Loans?

April 20, 2021
Farm Service Agency loans through the USDA have some of the lowest interest rates out there, and farmers are paying attention. These loans can cover operational needs (inputs, machinery), land ownership (buying farmland), and conservation (promoting soil health or clean water).

Farm Grants: Is It Too Late to Apply for the VAPG?

April 20, 2021
We’ve heard from so many producers in the FarmRaise community this month with the same question: can I still apply to the Value Added Producer Grant (VAPG)? Given the Value Added Producer Grant deadline extension to May 4th, 2021, should producers consider applying in 2021?

The Top 5 Carbon Credit Companies

March 26, 2021
The carbon credit marketplace is heating up but clear information on the key players and their relative benefits is sparse and convoluted. As many of you have likely learned – Google searches won’t get you very far here.

Unlock Federal Grant Funding for Your Farm

February 24, 2021
A high-level overview of how federal grant funding works in the US and how you can unlock funding for your farming operation

3 Ideas for Grant-Funded Farm Projects

February 24, 2021
Many producers ask our team what types of projects can be funded by various government grant programs. The short answer is that there are tons of project ideas that are competitive for federal grant funding. We wrote this quick guide to explore just a few options, bucketed across three areas below.

How to Get Funding for Cover Crops on Your Farm

February 4, 2021
Here are four resources we recommend to secure funding for cover crop seed and equipment:

3 Funding Tips for Veteran Farmers

October 1, 2020
To those veteran farmers out there looking to start or level-up your farming operation, here are 3 key farm funding tips.

Surviving 2020: A Farmer's Guide

June 1, 2020
The deadly COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves through the U.S. agriculture system with labor shortages, supply chain breaks, and fluctuating prices. At FarmRaise, we help growers invest in their core assets: infrastructure, soil, water and energy systems, but COVID-19 has expanded our scope to address farmers’ immediate financial needs.
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