Our Story

Farming isn’t for the faint of heart.

Growing up on a small Angus beef cattle farm in Virginia, Jayce experienced how tough it is to grow her farm business. Millions of small and mid-sized farmers lack tools and time to optimize their finances and as a result, miss out on crucial growth opportunities that can make their operations competitive and sustainable across generations.

At Stanford University’s Agriculture program, Jayce met Sami, a USDA Project Manager who equipped thousands of midwestern row crop farmers with soil science research. Both women recognized the need for farmer-friendly financial tools and decided to team up and build the solution.

Sami and Jayce teamed up with their co-founder Albert to develop a simplified application for USDA conservation funding that streamlined hours of paperwork into a 15-minute application. Within a few days of launching, hundreds of farmers signed up to use FarmRaise’s funding tool and spread the word to producers across the country.


We’re a growing community of 20K+ innovative farmers leveraging our simple, digital tools to match with funding and manage cash flow. The FarmRaise platform is powered by a team of farmer-obsessed software engineers, business managers, and yes, farmers, who share a common commitment to earning farmer trust while cultivating joy and sustainability at work.

If you’re excited to scale vitality on your farm and across America’s farming communities, come join us!