How does FarmRaise work? 

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Simple farm cashflow tracking

Save time while tracking your farm business revenue and expenses on the fly and arrive fully organized for your accountant or the bank.

Snap and upload receipts for every transaction, linking these to farm tax categories. Now you can finally track your farm transactions by farm product or crop, split expenses in seconds, and know your costs for every major farm project.

Access hundreds of funding programs

Use your FarmRaise dashboard to discover farm grant programs that fit your goals. We update our library every week and will ping you when new programs open and close. You can always talk to a human about funding programs through 1:1 chats with our Funding Advisors.

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FarmRaise Morning Briefing

Farm smarter with the Briefing

Get the best regular education on opportunities for small farm profitability: deciding whether to rent or buy, optimizing farm side hustles, knowing how to take advantage of conservation financing, or getting smarter with your budgeting are just some of the practical topics we dive into each week.

Easy Cost-Share and FSA Records Application

If you’re looking for funding for conservation practices, you can easily generate an application for USDA cost share, and get or renew your Farm Service Agency Records so you can start applying to USDA programs! We’ve reduced hours of paperwork to a straightforward application.

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