Hundreds of farm funding programs at your fingertips....

Our Funding Library | Use your FarmRaise dashboard to easily match with grant programs that fit your farming goals. We update our library every week and will ping you when new programs open and close. You can favorite and save your top programs in a timeline view so that you never miss out on a deadline.
Laptop with Farm Funding Alerts on dashboard

Be the first to know about new farm grants.

Farm Funding Alerts | Your Farm Funding Advisors are hard at work researching new farm funding opportunities as they open and close each week. As a Premium member, you’ll get customized farm funding alerts from us every time we hear about a new funding program (like grants, cost-shares and loans) that we think may apply to you. Then, you decide whether you want to take action on that program.

Talk to a human about your goals.

1:1 Chats with a Farm Funding Advisor | As a Premium member, you can tell your Farm Funding Advisor about your funding needs. They’ll help you think through your grant options and prioritize what's best for your farm! You can and should sign up for a call with them as often as you like (they won’t randomly call you).
A Farm Funding Advisor to advise on farm grants, cost-shares and loans
Apply for government funding for farm projects with FarmRaise

Easily apply for USDA cost-share.

Easy & Intuitive Applications | Apply with confidence for USDA cost-share funding that supports conservation projects like cover crops, hoop houses, or new irrigation systems. Register for your Farm Service Agency Number to access USDA funding programs. We take care of the hassle and paperwork so that you don’t have to! You'll get:

• Access to an easy-to-fill online application (for cost-share or FSA records)
• 1:1 support if you have questions about the process or the application
• A real human to review your submission
• A completed PDF ready for you to submit within 48 hours (post application completion)
• 1 edit to your application if your local office requests a change
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