FarmRaise FAQs

About FarmRaise

What is FarmRaise, exactly?

We are a farmer-obsessed team that gets you farm funding (grants, loans, cost-share). Our farm funding app applies you to major USDA cost-share programs in a fraction of the time it would take the average farmer on their own. We also keep you updated on the newest developments in local and state funding programs and provide 1:1 support to help you unlock more money for your agricultural projects. See more about how FarmRaise works.

Why does FarmRaise exist?

We're here because farmers and ranchers asked for more accessible farm funding. We know producers are struggling to be profitable and aim to equip farmers across America with the tools they need to reach their goals. We demystify agricultural finance, eliminate stressful paperwork and make funding more accessible to producers.

Are you a lending agency or a bank?

Nope. But we do partner with banks and lending agencies to connect their services to farmers.

What's your long-term goal?

FarmRaise promotes the vitality of rural communities by equipping farmers with capital to invest in their operations for the next generation.

Who's on the FarmRaise team?

We are a small team of farmer-obsessed entrepreneurs. Some of us live on a farm or come from farming families, others have experience working at the USDA, in agribusiness, in tech and in agriculture finance. See the FarmRaise team!

Agricultural Funding Opportunities

What grants can FarmRaise apply me to?

FarmRaise has been able to increase our farmers’ odds of success on grant, cost-share and loan applications. You can be confident in your application submission knowing that all the paperwork has been filled out correctly and completely. FarmRaise takes care of all the application paperwork for the following USDA programs:
• Farm Service Agency (FSA) Farm Number
• Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)

Are you trying to replace the USDA?

Definitely not. The USDA and its affiliates (including the Farm Service Agency and the Natural Resources Conservation Service) provide crucial consultation and technical services to farmers (not to mention billions of dollars in grant and cost-share funding!). We are here to simplify government paperwork on the front end so that USDA agents have more time to partner with you. We also connect you to private funding opportunities in addition to government programs.

Do you service Puerto Rico?

Yes. We stay up to date on funding opportunities for producers in the entirety of the United States including all 50 states and U.S. territories. That includes Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Pricing and Transactions

How much does it cost? How do you make money?

FarmRaise is $12/mo or $10/mo billed annually (cancel anytime) and offers real-time alerts on local and federal grant programs, a simplified, common app for cost-share and loans, and 1:1 farm funding support through FarmRaise office hours. We also help producers apply for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program and Farm Service Agency Records for an additional fee. See our pricing in detail.

What is your refund policy?

You can read about our refund policy here.

Is this secure?

FarmRaise has taken steps to protect your information. You can review our privacy policy here. And by participating in FarmRaise services, you agree to abide by the terms laid out in our Terms & Conditions. This platform is a secure resource for you to streamline your farm funding needs and save information for future applications.

Regenerative Agriculture

What's with your focus on soil health?

At FarmRaise, we believe that accessible funding will help farmers to not only address their short-term financial needs, but also invest in long-term assets: clean water, clean air, biodiversity, and healthy soils. These crucial natural resources preserve the farm for the next generation while making an operation more profitable and resilient.

What types of farmers and ranchers are a good fit for FarmRaise?

We love all types of producers, however, “established” farmers will get the most from our platform. If you have land, at least one year of farming experience and sales, you’re a more competitive applicant for the programs we can apply you to. If you’re just starting out, we still got you! Check out these resources: