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With our app, it's incredibly easy to track your farm's cash flow. You’ll know your profit and loss for everything you produce on the farm. You can see what you’ve been spending most and least on, and use that knowledge to plan for the coming months.

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Home to America's largest farm funding database, FarmRaise helps you discover farm grants that fit your goals and saves you time so you’re not spending hours Googling grant opportunities. We're here to make life easier.

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Time and again, we hear from farmers who find FarmRaise Briefings to the point. We curate the latest news on farm finance, innovation, and business tips each week.

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" FarmRaise is so critical to the success of farms right now."

- Jeremy Willet
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"I love working with the FarmRaise platform. I have a resource for my pressing questions."

- Timeka Russell
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