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Take Control of Your Finances &
Grow Your Farm Business

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Easy farm accounting

Snap receipts and tag transactions by Schedule F categories so you’re ready to apply for funding or export to your accountant. Our mobile app works great offline and in the field.

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Keep inventory organized

We know that keeping your inventory organized and up to date is essential for your farm business' growth. Our app allows you to keep track of your inventory in one place.

farmraise tracks app mobile phone
Manage your cashflow

With our Tracks app, you can input expenses and income directly from your phone in seconds. You'll be able to generate a profit and loss for every major farm project.

“Ok, it’s time. Time to tell you that I tried quickbooks twice on the advice of a farm course. It was a huge mess - and fairly invasive. So I canceled. I started my search for other platforms and found you. What caught me and reeled me in was the fact that Jayce, the CEO, made a killer nuts-and-bolts tutorial for a simple farmer like me, and that I didn’t have to upload my bank info to who knows where. So this is a long-winded way to say thank you.”
Mary Enges
Field Point Farm
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"I got excited to see how easy FarmRaise is to use and how much more organized I feel I'll be this season."
Jason Bynum
Urban Gourmet Family Farm
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The physical labor required to run a farm leaves very limited time for paperwork. FarmRaise is so critical to the success of farms right now.
Jeremy Willet
Willet Family Farm
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Your organization’s help in both finding grants and in helping me finalize the FSA and EQIP applications was worth every dime I pay. I thank God I found you early in my new ranching adventure.
Linda Angel
Angel Valley Ranch
First time rancher Linda with her alpaca on her farm

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FarmRaise is for small farmers, beginning farmers, and for those underserved. FarmRaise is for the outsiders, the upstarts, the scrappy entrepreneurs building a resilient, local food system. Your success is our passion.
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