Apply for conservation cost-share funding

Apply for conservation cost-share funding

November 16, 2022
Award amount

EQIP is funded through the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service and provides cost-share funding for farmers to start new conservation practices and projects. These could include:

  • Installing fencing to support rotational or prescribed grazing practices
  • Adding high tunnels to your farm to extend your season of production
  • Transitioning to organic cropland
  • Establishing and executing a nutrient management plan
  • Building better water infrastructure, including irrigation and livestock watering systems
  • Transitioning to strip- or no-till management
  • Planting cover crops

Average award (national): $30K or $57/acre

Odds of application success (national): ~30%

Eligibility: farmers who have secured land (whether owned or rented) and currently have sales

Pros: free money and technical support from the USDA to implement projects that can improve your profitability

Cons: EQIP funding is not guaranteed by the government and includes a 3-12 month  wait time on application decisions and project start

For historically underserved farmers: have you been farming for less than 10 years or are you a minority farmer? Learn how you can access higher payment rates and cash advance payments through EQIP.