July 29, 2022

Drought Got You Dry? Try The Emergency Conservation Program

""44.6% of the United States including Puerto Rico""

- Curtis Riganti at the National Drought Mitigation Center on the spread of moderate to exceptional drought in our nation

What’s top of mind for farm profitability?

Conservation in the midst of nationwide drought.

Drought persisted across much of the West, Southwest and Texas this week. Additionally, flash drought over parts of the Great Plains, Ozarks, and Mississippi Valley continued to intensify and cause agricultural problems.

So it’s dry everywhere?

Actually, no. While there’s drought elsewhere, the lower Great Plains and Midwest experienced heavy rainfall.

That’s good right?

While the rains might have improved regional drought conditions, it did lead to severe flooding in the St. Louis Metro area. This metropolitan region had previously been experiencing abnormally dry conditions.

So what can I do to protect my operation?

With drought continuing to effect innumerable farmers within the FarmRaise community, we wanted to bring attention to a Farm Service Agency (FSA) program, known as the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP). The ECP can provide emergency funding and technical assistance to farmers and ranchers to revitalize land following natural disasters and implement emergency water conservation measures during periods of severe drought.

This week’s Farm Prosperity Checklist offers a bit more information regarding this farmland rehabilitation and conservation program.

This Week's Prosperity Checklist: Emergency Conservation Program (ECP)

1. What land is eligible?

Land that is used as:

2. Payment structure of ECP

This cost-sharing program features different payment tiers:

3. What to do following natural disaster or extended drought

ABC: Always Be Calling... Your FSA office

Enrollment periods and eligibility for ECP vary across states. Contacting your local FSA is the best way to understand possible cost share funding opportunities afforded through Emergency Conservation Program.


Emergency conservation program for farming in drought - FarmRaise

This week's survey results are in:

We're falling on dry times. Even tropical island, Puerto Rico, has been experiencing drought. Farmers are on the frontlines of climate change. If you need support, consider the ECP or apply for funding to switch to regenerative practices that will make your farm or ranch more drought resistant.

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