Graze-Out Program

Deadline Information:
Applications must be submitted by the final loan availability date for the commodity

The Graze-Out Program, administered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA), offers payments to eligible producers who elect to use their acreage planted with wheat, barley, oats, or triticale for livestock grazing. By participating in the Graze-Out Program, producers agree to forgo harvesting the commodity for grain during the applicable crop year. The program provides financial compensation to these producers when the announced repayment rate for the eligible commodity is lower than the loan rate, offering an alternative to traditional LDPs.

Program Features:

Additional Benefits:

How to Enroll:To apply for a Graze-Out payment, producers must complete and submit an application to their local FSA office. The application process includes providing documentation of the eligible commodity, production records, and proof of compliance with program requirements. Detailed enrollment instructions and deadlines are available through the local FSA office or the official USDA website.

Eligibility:Eligible applicants include producers of wheat, barley, oats, or triticale who meet conservation and wetland protection requirements and provide sufficient documentation of their commodities. Producers must agree to forgo any other harvesting of the commodity on the designated acreage during the applicable crop year.

Producers are encouraged to check with their local FSA office for specific requirements, application deadlines, and additional program details.

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