Dairy Margin Coverage Program

Deadline Information:
Enrollment periods are specified annually. Producers should contact their local FSA office for the current enrollment dates and deadlines.

The Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) Program, administered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA), is a voluntary risk management tool for dairy producers. It offers financial assistance when the margin between the all-milk price and average feed cost falls below a coverage level chosen by the producer. By participating in DMC, dairy farmers can protect themselves against declines in milk prices and increases in feed costs, thereby ensuring more predictable and stable income. The program includes both catastrophic coverage and additional, higher levels of coverage for an annual premium.

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How to Enroll: To enroll in the Dairy Margin Coverage Program, dairy producers must complete and submit an application to their local FSA office during the specified enrollment period. The application process includes providing production records and selecting the desired coverage level. Detailed enrollment instructions and deadlines are available through the local FSA office or the official USDA website.

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