Farm Ownership Loans

Deadline Information:

Farm Ownership Loans offer essential financial support to farmers and ranchers aiming to purchase, develop, or expand their agricultural operations. Administered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA), these loans are available in different forms to meet a variety of needs, including the purchase of farmland, construction of farm buildings, and making improvements to existing structures and infrastructure.

Program Features:

How to Enroll: To apply for Farm Ownership Loans, producers must submit a loan application to their local FSA office. The application process includes providing documentation of financial history, farm business plan, and other required information. Detailed enrollment instructions and deadlines are available through the local FSA office or the official USDA website.

Eligibility: Eligible applicants include U.S. citizens or permanent residents with sufficient training or experience in farming. Applicants must demonstrate an ability to repay the loan and meet specific criteria depending on the type of ownership loan they are applying for.

While FSA is committed to serving all farmers and ranchers, by statute, FSA targets a portion of all Direct Farm Ownership loan funds to historically underserved farmers and ranchers, which include:

Maximum $ Amount:  

Direct Loans: $600,000

Guaranteed Loans: $2,236,000


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