What does FarmRaise do?

FarmRaise is dedicated to scaling regenerative agriculture through financial access. We provide farmers with end-to-end farm funding software that sits on a database of 1K+ programs. FarmRaise matches farmers with funding opportunities, helps farmers apply to those opportunities quickly and efficiently, and keeps farmers updated with customized-to-the-farm alerts so they never miss a funding opportunity.
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Who do we partner with?

We partner with funders, farmer organizations, agribusiness companies and grant writers to unlock funding for farmers. By partnering with FarmRaise, your organization can work with a network of tens of thousands of farmers across the US that want to invest in regenerative agriculture and build profitable, diversified farms.

Want to learn more?

For more information about how we partner, please select the type of partner that you represent.


There are two primary partnership opportunities as a Funder:
  1. Fund Better Farming
  2. Sponsor your Farmers’ Premium Membership

Fund Better Farming

Support farmers to transition to regenerative agriculture, launch a diversified operation, and those that represent historically underserved identity categories (low income, BIPOC, veteran and beginning farmers).

If you’ve worked with farmers for long, you’ve likely heard many farmers describe their finances with the phrase: “asset rich and cash poor.”

This is true of farmers across the United States. They may have land, machinery, and equipment, but their seasonal influxes of cash aren’t significant enough to reinvest in the business. And, for farmers that are just starting out, accessing cash is even more challenging as they build up their farm experience and asset base.

These challenges have resulted in:

Sponsor your Farmers’ Premium Membership

FarmRaise supports you in reaching thousands of farmers across the United States.

With over 15,000 farmers across the United States using the FarmRaise platform, we’re constantly looking for funding partners that can support our farmers’ financing needs.

We’d love to partner with you to support your outreach and administration efforts where your farm funding initiatives are concerned.

We’ve developed three levels of engagement:

  1. Outreach: Add your funding program to our funding library and share it with our farmer members.
  2. Application Administration: Host your application in the FarmRaise funding library for a streamlined, digital experience for you and the farmer.
  3. Award Disbursement and Reporting support (coming soon): Disburse your funds to approved candidates through FarmRaise bank accounts and leverage our farmer-facing expense tracking tool to monitor project evidence (receipts, geo-tagged photos of practice adoption, and supporting reports that verify the farmer has completed the work).
Our platform is a special community of farmers that need your support.
What we charge

Farmer Organization

We can work closely with you to make our tools available to the farmers in your network. Whether you’re a farming cooperative, agribusiness company serving farmers directly or farm products purchasing organization working directly with a subset of growers, we’d be glad to explore how to partner.
Here are some of the other farmer organizations we’ve partnered with:
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How our partnerships work

Through farmer organizations, farmers can get access to FarmRaise’s tools so that they can master their farm finances and invest in regenerative agriculture. This is essentially a referral program in which we have two levels of partnerships - Free and Paid.

Free partners simply share FarmRaise with their farmer network as a resource. We can develop a custom URL for you to send out so that we can trace any referrals back to your organization.

Paid partners offer to cover some or all of the Premium membership fees on behalf of their farmers. Farmer memberships typically cost $40 per month (or $432 for the year). This type of partnership is best for partners who want to invest in their farmers’ operations, add value to your farmers’s businesses and build trust and loyalty with your farmer stakeholders.

To learn more about FarmRaise Premium, check out our “How It Works” page.

We also offer education through one-time webinars or ongoing monthly funding newsletters for grower support teams. If you’d like to level-up your grower support team’s ability to help farmers navigate grants, loans and financial management, this option is right for you, and can be added to either the Free or Paid referral options.

Ready to partner?

Grant Writer

FarmRaise has a network of nearly 20,000 farmers who are looking for support applying for grant programs. While our tools help farmers with form-based grant and loan applications, we haven’t yet found a scaleable way to help farmers get narrative-based grant-writing support. Which is exactly why we want to talk to YOU.

If you’re a grant-writer seeking to expand your client base, we’d be glad to consider referring qualified farmer applicants your way. To date, we’ve connected dozens of farmers with a handful of qualified grant-writers to work on projects ranging from regenerative agriculture and renewable energy systems to direct-marketing of grass-fed beef.

Our farmers need the most help applying for big federal farming grants like VAPG, REAP, SARE and others.

We do charge a referral fee - for every farmer that we refer your way that you end up working with, we’ll assess a fee of 5% the total income generated for you. For example, if a farmer pays you $7,000 to write a grant, you’ll send FarmRaise $350.

Let’s get started! Farmers need your services. Please tell us more about yourself by filling out this brief intake form and we’ll be in touch.