Software for institutions with farmer-facing programs

Say goodbye to endless paperwork, disparate data, and administrative stress. We build scalable, secure, farmer-friendly program management tools so you can administer your farmer-facing programs with ease. This solution is perfect for institutions with financial incentive programs, USDA and gov-grant funded programs, or sustainability initiatives that involve farmer enrollment, contracting and reporting.

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FarmRaise works with agribusiness, cooperatives, CPGs, universities, NGOs and government agencies to streamline the administration of farmer-facing programs.

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Digital Farmer Dashboard
Digital Farmer Dashboard
We've changed the status quo. Our secure, user-friendly web application allows farmers to submit their applications online, directly to you - the funder.
Easier Funding Administration
Easier Funding Administration
Effortlessly manage and track farmer enrollment and contracts with our streamlined administrative dashboard.
One hub for your programs
One Hub for your Programs
Host applications for all of your farm programs in one digital dashboard. Manage multiple deadlines and track farmer progress through each program.

Hear from our current users & partners:

"I sat down and entered my information and it worked perfectly!"

Missouri Farmer

Missouri CRCL Program Applicant

"Thank you for doing this program. I am not very good with computers but it all worked out."

Missouri Farmer

Missouri CRCL Program Applicant

“FarmRaise has been a key partner... we pilot a completely new initiative, reaching and working with new farmer audiences across our state. Not only did they develop the application platform that would enable us to reach more producers, but they have thoughtfully engaged with us and helped find solutions to challenges and surprises in multiple areas of the project.”

Kelly Wilson

Missouri USDA-CSC Program Leader

“FarmRaise developed a custom enrollment app...

...that has allowed farmers to easily sign up for our $25 million climate-smart project through a phone, tablet, or computer. The staff at FarmRaise have been very creative and responsive in meeting our needs for an easy-to-use platform, bringing extensive knowledge of both farm conservation programs and app development to our project.”

Dr. Rob Myers

Director, Missouri Center for Regenerative Agriculture

Read about our work with USDA agencies & Climate Smart Grant winners

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Any institution that’s awarded a grant that they then use to build a farmer-facing funding program must administer and manage their grant. Funding program administration and grant management are the processes, systems and workflows that allow grantees to implement their grant funding.

For grantees who are awarded funding that they then wish to disburse to farmers in the form of cost-share programs, incentive payments, grants and financial assistance, grant management includes: outreach to prospective farmers, facilitating farmer application and enrollment, executing contracts with participating growers, verifying and measuring farmer practice adoption, distributing farmer payments, managing project subcontractors and partners, and reporting back to the main funder about your grant award progress.
Grant management software is intended to streamline the processes by which grantees manage their award. The software is intended to provide an organized, user-friendly hub for participant enrollment, contracting, MMRV, data collection and grant reporting. A grant management software should allow the people running and participating in your program to work efficiently and effectively, and should result in the ability to scale your program without having to scale your team.
FarmRaise primarily delivers software directly for farmers to help them master their farm finances. This software includes farm funding and accounting tools. In 2023, FarmRaise also began working closely with institutions that operate farmer-facing programs, such as USDA grant winners involved in RCPP and USDA-Climate Smart grants and USDA agencies such as the Farm Service Agency (FSA).

FarmRaise delivers software for these institutions to use to facilitate secure, effective and user-friendly farmer enrollment in a digital environment, with grower-facing and administrative dashboards to facilitate data sharing and communication amongst stakeholders.

FarmRaise is an official cooperator to the USDA. Our current cooperative agreement is with the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA). Through this mechanism, FarmRaise works collaboratively with the USDA-FSA and other cooperators to deliver an online, educational hub for free to farmers and cooperators seeking to utilize FSA programming.
There are many software development companies to choose from. What makes FarmRaise unique is our immense expertise in the agricultural sector and our intimate knowledge of the challenges farmers face in accessing financial programs. This has been our company’s core focus from inception.

We work directly with partners to listen to your team’s needs, conduct stakeholder interviews with the farmers you serve, and then build appropriate technology that helps you manage your farmer-facing programs with efficacy and ease.

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