July 1, 2022

Step 1: Farm Number, Step 2: Farm Funding 🔢

"Just as a Social Security number is a unique identifier for a person, a farm serial number (FSN) is a unique identifier for parcels of land”

-  Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (KCARD)


"Do you have a farm number?"

If you have ever spoken to a member of our kind, patient and resourceful Farmer Success Team, you've probably been asked that question.

At FarmRaise, we support beginning and veteran farmers who have not yet established this documentation with their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) office. We wanted to take a moment and talk farm numbers with y'all!

So, what’s a farm number and why should you consider getting one?

A farm serial number (FSN), or farm number, identifies you as a farmer for government purposes. Acquiring a farm number is an essential first step in applying for most USDA funding. Some of the programs that require a farm number include:

Now, you might be asking yourself, "How do I get a farm number?"

Excellent question! This week's checklist will cover the steps necessary to help you establish your farm records with the FSA.

This Week's Prosperity Checklist: Establish Your Farm Number

1. Make an appointment with your local FSA office.

Be prepared to spend 30-60 minutes with the office or possibly on a virtual call due to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

2. Get your docs right

Gather and bring all documentation of your identity and, if applicable, your farm business identity, like your driver’s license, social security card and employer identification (EIN) number. Gather and have prepared proof of control of the land, which can be a deed, a lease or rental agreement, or other land tenure documents.

3. Submit an application

Following the review of your identification and land documents, the FSA will use the county GIS system to find your land parcel(s) and issue you a number. Farm numbers are issued free of charge! When all's said and done, the process will take a two to four hours.

From FarmRaise to Farm Number

Setting a farm number is essential to securing farm funding like FSA microloans. Even though the process is free, it might cost you in time and stress.

If you're looking for help setting up your farm number, FarmRaise can offer support. You can find out more information about setting up your farm number by checking out our recent blog post.


Very few FarmRaise community members have secured a farm number for their farm.

This week's survey results are in:

Looks like most of us aren't familiar with farm numbers which are a crucial step to applying for federal farm funding. Read more about how to get a farm number and where you go for help.

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