April 22, 2022

It's me, Earth. Can we chat for a sec?

“Earth Day is every day.”

- American Agri-Women, the nation’s largest coalition of farm, ranch and agribusiness women, on what today means to farmers and ranchers.

What's top of mind?

10 - 15 percent.

That's how much domestic food production contributes to the country's entire greenhouse gas emissions.

But, farmers and ranchers are taking action.
Darn right we are.

Farmers and ranchers have been taking action to raise crops and rear livestock more sustainably. We are environmental stewards, showing that agriculture can be productive AND regenerative.

Here's to you!
At FarmRaise, we celebrate Earth Day by recognizing and applauding the numerous ways U.S. farmers and ranchers contribute to environmental protection while feeding, fueling and nourishing the world. We see you and thank you!

How can we continue holding down the farm - er, fort?
FarmRaise helps farmers and ranchers de-risk adopting Earth-friendly practices. Consider giving them a try, too!

Regenerative Practices to Try (and how to get funding for them):

Cover croping

It's a plant that has a ton of benefits like:

✅ Increases crop yields and biodiversity

✅ Weed, pest and disease control

✅ Attracts pollinators 🐝

✅ Drought and excessive rain control

Rotational Grazing

When only one paddock, aka a portion of the pasture, is used for grazing at a time while the rest of the pasture... rests. Here are the pros:

✅ Your pasture's plants renew their energy reserves and deepen their root systems

✅ You build long term health of grazing pasture

Low-Till and No-Till Farming

For growing crops or pastures without disturbing the soil with tillage machines. Here are the benefits:

✅ Higher water holding capacity to help against drought

✅ Reduces soil erosion and fossil fuel use

✅ Increases soil organic matter

✅ Possible profits for you!


One or more rows of trees or shrubs planted to protect against wind. Windbreaks may:

✅ Increase carbon sequestration

✅ Protecting your crops, livestock and farm buildings from wind-related damage

✅ Enhance soil moisture

✅ Improve air quality

So, how can you get funding to try regenerative practices?

Federal programs can offer technical assistance, cost-share funding and/or low-interest loans to help farmers adopt and continue using regenerative agriculture practices. Here are two to get you started:

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) and the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP). Both of these federal programs can be applied for in less than 30 minutes using the FarmRaise app. We’re EQIP and CSP obsessed!


Here's another Earth-friendly program, REAP, that can offer you funding to try out renewable energy or energy efficient practices like solar panel installation.

This week's survey results are in:

Nice! Most of us use some form of Earth-friendly practice on our farms and ranches. Remember that FarmRaise specializes in helping you find funding to try out practices like these. Learn more!

FarmRaise Community on FacebookTwo-thirds of the land in the continental U.S. is privately owned, so the decisions we makes as this nation's farmers and ranchers can be a huge benefit to Earth. That's a (pla)net gain! Tell us ways you've used regenerative practices on your farm or ranch on our Facebook page!

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