August 19, 2022

Internet Options for Rural Farmers and Ranchers

"USDA has announced two billion dollars invested”

to date, in projects that will create or improve high-speed internet access for rural customers. (Source: USDA Rural Development)

What's top of mind for farm prosperity?

Rural Internet Connectivity


That's how many Americans in rural areas lack coverage from earth-based broadband internet. And that number increases to 27.7% for Americans in Tribal regions. Compare that to only 1.5% of Americans in urban areas, and you can see how internet connection in rural areas is a pressing issue.*

Why's the internet so slow on my farm?

Internet speeds are highest through cable modems, powerlines, 5G (fixed wireless) and fiber connections. Unfortunately, most rural areas aren't well connected to this type of broadband internet.

Internet or internot?

Access to high-speed internet is often underfunded in our rural communities and slow loading times lead to slower productivity - which in turn, can lead to lower profits. What's more, if you live in a rural area you'll probably have fewer choices when it comes to Wireless Internet Services Providers (WISPs). So, this week’s checklist is about rural broadband access.

*Source: Federal Communications Commission

This Week's Prosperity Checklist: Improve Your Internet Connectivity

1. Learn: What even is broadband?

2. Discover public initiatives and get connected

3. Find publicly available WiFi through the American Connection Project (ACP) or sign up for Starlink

4. Remember that you're in good company: Most farmers in rural areas face connectivity challenges

Farmraise's very own Farmer Success Associate, Nick Tyre, works on a farm in rural North Carolina and said: “Transitioning from farmer's market to online sales during the pandemic would have been impossible without internet access.”

Many of the farmers we help have weighed in about the challenges they face, with many saying they’re on the waitlist for access to better technologies like Starlink:

See If You're Eligible for Public WiFi

According to the ACP, 42 million Americans lack access to high-speed broadband. High-speed internet access is critical for rural farmers and ranchers. It enables the adoption of precision agriculture technologies, assists farmers in improving their sales and marketing efforts using internet-based strategies and supports farming families in access quality remote education.


internet options for rural Americans - Farmraise

This week's survey results are in:

According to our survey, a lot of FarmRaise farmers have reliable internet. But at least 36% could benefit from better coverage. Remember that more reliable and secure your internet, the quicker and more productive you can be. That's a recipe for farm prosperity!

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