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USDA Climate-Smart Farming Grant

Funding for Blue Diamond Member Growers

In 2023, Blue Diamond was awarded a five-year grant from the USDA for $45 million to support almond growers implementing climate-smart farming activities. This voluntary program allows Blue Diamond member/growers or those who farm on a Blue Diamond orchard to receive an incentive payment and no cost plants or seeds when implementing cover crops, conservation cover ("bee pasture"), or hedgerows.

Welcome to our 2024 grant cycle. This is our second year of the USDA Climate Smart Farming Grant. For this cycle, we have 3 practices available for funding: cover crops, conservation cover ("bee pasture") and hedgerows. Please scroll down for more details.

Who is eligible?

All almond orchards with a Blue Diamond Crop Agency Agreement are eligible to participate. This means an owner, renter, or land manager will be eligible if the orchard is under a Blue Diamond contract. The orchard must currently be planted to almonds.

What is required before applying for the grant?

  1. Must be on an orchard with a Blue Diamond contract.
  2. Participate in Blue Diamond’s Orchard Stewardship Program (OSIP).
  3. Establish farm records with the Farm Service Agency and provide FSA Field Maps, 156EZ, and a subsidiary print.
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